Trampolines and Homeowners Insurance

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Will owning a trampoline affect my homeowners insurance policy?

Somewhere right now in the United States there is probably a kid asking for a trampoline!  They are fun and great exercise.  So, back to the big question.  How does owning a trampoline affect your homeowners insurance policy?  Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer to this question.

First of all, prior to purchasing a trampoline, we highly recommend speaking to your insurance agent.  Our Advisors can tell you how your homeowners insurance policy covers trampolines.  Coverage varies by state and insurance company.  Insurance companies view trampolines as an “attractive nuisance.”  They are inviting to children, but also potentially dangerous.  Many companies do not provide coverage for trampolines due to the high potential for injuries.  If a homeowner has a trampoline, the likelihood of someone getting injured on their property increases.  Therefore, the chances of having a liability claim or medical payments claim increase as well.

Trampoline Coverage Categories

No Exclusions.  In this case, your insurance company does not place any restrictions on your policy for trampoline ownership.  Should a visitor get injured when jumping on your trampoline, your liability coverage may help pay for medical bills associated with the injuries (in the event you are found liable).  Injuries to members of the household should be covered by your health insurance and not your homeowners policy.  Additionally, in the event your trampoline is damaged by a storm, your personal property coverage may help with the loss.

Coverage with Safety Precautions.  In this case, the insurance company may include the trampoline in your policy as long as you have incorporated certain safety precautions.  For example, they may require a safety netting enclosure, safety padding, or a fenced in back yard with a locking gate.  It is imperative that you speak with your agent and/or thoroughly read your policy to understand all the details.

Trampoline Exclusion.  In this case, the company offers no coverage for trampoline related claims.  Some companies may cancel or not renew your policy if you add a trampoline to your property.

Surcharge or Rate Increase.  Some insurance companies may provide coverage but an additional yearly fee is added to your premium.  Even if your premium does not go up, after speaking with your agent you may decide you need to increase your coverage for proper protection.  Often, a personal umbrella policy is added to provide additional liability coverage.

Safety First

Alright, so you discussed the topic with your Advisor and you are getting a trampoline!  Now what?  We want you to stay safe with these tips.

  • Enclose the trampoline with safety netting
  • Install safety padding on the springs
  • Limit the number of jumpers allowed at the same time
  • Provide adult supervision
  • Read the manual to ensure proper setup
  • Fence in your yard with a locking gate

Prior to making any major changes to your home and property, it is highly recommended that you speak with your insurance agent.  We want to make sure you know exactly these changes will affect your policy.



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