Do College Students in South Carolina Need Renters Insurance?

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south carolina college students

south carolina college students

The life of a college student is almost like “limbo-land.” Whether students are headed to the University of South Carolina or are staying local and attending Greenville Technical College, most still live and survive with the help of their parents or other family members, including financial help, insurance, car registration, etc.

While they are in their “safe-harbor” there are still some situations, like insurance, where it is worth double-checking that they are truly covered under their parents insurance, or if they need to take some policies out on their own.  After all, did you know parents’ standard homeowners insurance policy won’t cover college students if they’re over 26 or renting off-campus housing?

Why college students need renters insurance

College students need renters insurance because–while their building may be covered by the landlord insurance–their property within the residence is unprotected. For example, if someone breaks into their on-campus housing and a steals their laptop, television or coveted Game Cock autographed football, these items will not be covered.

There are multiple things that renters insurance will cover for college students:

  1. Personal Property: Standard renters insurance offers protection for personal property if damaged in water damage, fire, burglary or other events that are out of one’s control. Keep in mind that flooding is a separate policy, so if there are any concerns about flooding, mudslides or earthquakes, talk with an insurance agent to add one of these policies onto your coverage.
  2. Loss of Use: In the event you are required to leave your rental unit because of an accident, loss of use insurance will cover the added living expenses. For example, if a fire burns down your building, any expenses you incur from being displaced from your home—hotel room, food, etc—  will be covered by loss of use.
  3. Liability: Liability coverage pays for bodily injury and property damage caused by negligence. For example, if your  friend trips over a shoe in your living room and breaks her arm, liability coverage will pay for her medical bills.

How much renters insurance do college students need?

Getting renters insurance as a college student can be considered one of your first major decisions in your transition to an adult, other than deciding whether or not to attend a college in South Carolina or go out-of-state.  

The required rental insurance coverage differs depending on the rental property and the landlord. Many landlords actually require their tenants to have a minimum of 100K in liability coverage, but if your landlord doesn’t require insurance, talk to an insurance agent to determine how much coverage you need.