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Bradstreet Englert Creative specializes in the graphic design of print collateral here in Greenville, SC. They design and print just about anything you can imagine, all while coordinating with your business’s web development team for cohesive branding and messaging.


Susan Englert has been a graphic designer for 38 years! She has studied art all her life and began entering art contests when she was about 7 years old. Susan loved many mediums, including painting in oils, acrylics, watercolors, pencil and pen and ink drawing.

When she realized in college that she wasn’t going to make a living selling paintings, Susan switched to the commercial route. She transferred her love of art toward advertising design. From there, it morphed into marketing, which she says is essentially advertising.

Bradstreet Englert Creative specializes in print design. Susan loves working on things like newsletters, brochures, datasheets, and catalogs, but she also designs social media posts. She considers designing an image for a social media post similar to designing a 2-dimensional piece for print.

With each project, Susan educates her clients about printing and how they can save money or do something a little differently to make it more cost effective. While collaborating with a client on a project, she is always thinking of ways to do things better and make processes more efficient.

Why Greenville?

Susan and her husband relocated to Greenville, SC in 2015 when her husband retired. Having lived in New Hampshire for almost 30 years, they wanted to move somewhere they wouldn’t have to shovel snow! There were many considerations that drew them to Greenville, including cost of living, health care facilities, the size of the city, and the presence of hockey. And don’t forget the more moderate winter weather!

They fell in love with Greenville the first time they visited and now consider it their home. Susan says “It’s a perfect size for my business: large enough to have plenty of resources and potential customers, but small enough to have a home-town feel.”

Fun Fact

When Ron Paul ran for President in the primaries in 2007, Bradstreet Englert Creative designed most of the campaign mail the folks in NH and SC received. And there was a LOT of it! Direct mailers were sent out on many issues including education, health care, supporting our veterans, and many others.

What does the future hold?

Susan’s longevity in the field speaks to her experience and the variety of changes in technology and processes she has seen and learned. It also speaks to her commitment to what she does. Susan loves working for herself. She enjoys having the flexibility to meet with clients when needed and attend networking events and meetings.

At this point in her life, Susan’s greatest goal is to be happy in what she does. She states “If I reach a point where designing creative marketing pieces for my clients doesn’t make me happy or satisfy my creativity, that’s when I’ll stop doing it. But after 38 years in the business, I still haven’t lost that drive or motivation to provide a creative, excellent product for my clients, and I don’t see that happening any time soon.”

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How can your business benefit from the services of Susan and Bradstreet Englert Creative? Visit the website to see a full list of products and pricing. You can also review their portfolio and read client testimonials. Connect with Bradstreet Englert on Facebook and Instagram! You can contact Susan directly via email ( or phone (603) 674-4367

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