Advisors Insurance Agency-a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider

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Did you know that Advisors Insurance Agency is a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider?

Advisors Insurance Agency | Dave Ramsey ELP

That’s right.  We have not one, but TWO agents in our office that work as an Endorsed Local Provider!  Oddly enough, they are both named David!

The Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider program is an exclusive program for many services such as tax planning, real estate, and insurance.  Dave Ramsey only works with professionals that he and his team can vet to be the top in their fields.  Since ELPs work as an extension of the Dave Ramsey and his services, there is a stringent application process. Both David Hanor and David Ashton have gone through the rigorous process of becoming a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider.  Additionally, a Dave Ramsey ELP must continually maintain high customer service scores.

The Program

Dave Ramsey is known for his “Baby Steps” to help people become debt free and gain financial freedom.  Before the Baby Steps even begin with Baby Step 1, Dave recommends setting up term life insurance and working with an ELP to ensure you have the coverage and insurance that fits your budget and need.

When working with referrals from Dave Ramsey, David H. and David A. are doing so in a manner that follows Dave’s plan by mirroring the advice he gives.  They assist the referrals with the heart of a teacher, helping them save money on their insurance.  More importantly, they are helping them use their insurance as the protection needed to prevent financial devastation.

Continuing Education

In September, David H. and David A. attended the Dave Ramsey Smart Money conference in Charlotte, NC where they met Chris Hogan.  Chris Hogan is an integral part of Dave Ramsey’s team, focusing on retirement. 

Get a quote through one of our ELPs

Simply click here to submit an online request!  David H. and David A. love being one of the stops on the journey to financial freedom. They are inspired by the fact that they can be a pivotal part of someone’s financial success!


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