Winter Hunting Safety Tips in Greenville

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hunting-advisorsWinter brings warm and cozy holidays, exciting new year celebrations and—for many—freezing cold mornings and nights spent hunting in Greenville.

No matter where you live in, there’s something for every hunter out there, from big game to small game, just be sure to check with local regulations on the Fish and Wildlife Service to make sure the game you’re hunting is in season and that you have the correct hunting license.

Regardless of season or game, safety should always be top of mind when hunting, especially during the winter time in Greenville when colder weather can add new risks and affect decision making.

Here are some tips to prepare you for a successful hunt in cold weather:

  1. Layer! The heat that is held in between each layer of clothing will help keep your body insulated. The inner most layer of clothing should be something that is “moisture wicking” and works to keep moisture away from your skin.  In need of some new hunting duds? Here are a few places to check out in Greenville:
    1. Academy Sports + Outdoors
    2. Play it Again Sports
  2. Always pay attention to your extremities—fingers, toes, head and neck—these are the places of the body that are most exposed and likely to suffer from frostbite. Protect your skin by wearing gloves and waterproof footwear, hats and/or ear muffs.
  3. Always let one person know when and where you will be hunting and what time you expect to be back. It’s a good idea to draw a map incase your emergency contact isn’t as familiar with the hunting area as you are. If you are injured while out, your emergency contact may be the only one who can save you. While a situation like this is rare, it is always a great idea to have a backup plan in case there is an injury or accident.

As always, remember these evergreen hunting safety tips:

  1. Treat every weapon as though it is loaded.
  2. Wear bright “hunter orange” to be visible to other hunters at all times.
  3. Look to the areas beyond your target to ensure there are no other hunters or potential hikers that can come in the crossfire.
  4. Always keep your loaded gun pointed towards the target.
  5. Keep the safety on at all times and don’t take it off until right before shooting. Never place your finger on the trigger before you are ready to shoot.

Safe and Happy Hunting!

Stay safe and warm this winter when out hunting in Greenville and always keep safety in mind. Mother nature is powerful and unpredictable. Preparing yourself for all weather elements and keeping your emergency contact in the loop can help prevent any sticky situations and help created accident-free hunting trips.


What other safety tips do you have to share?