What is Your Largest Asset?

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home insurance to protect your largest asset

What would you say is your largest asset? I ask almost all of my clients this question. Everyone gives the same answer. My Home probably.

The Titanic with all off its glory was not sunk by the part of the ice berg visible to the eye. It was sunk by the massive part under the sea. Often times we are quick to insure what we can see, our home, cars, and maybe a couple of toys. We often forget to insure what feeds all of these concrete items. Your income. The first thing you should insure is the ability to bring home the bacon.

How do we do that? Four ways:
1. Health Insurance
2. Disability Insurance
3. Life Insurance
4. Self insure with cash and investments

Don’t forget to insure your ability to bring home a paycheck. You and your family depend on it.