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Imagine this…you are walking around Falls Park on a beautiful sunny day in Greenville, SC. The kids are asking for ice cream. You sure could use a little boost of caffeine to keep up with them. But where can you get delicious ice cream AND coffee in one stop?

Good news-Spill the Beans serves gourmet coffee and ice cream DAILY! Their Greenville location is 531 South Main Street at the entrance to Falls Park. AND you don’t have to decide between one or the other…you can combine the two! A menu favorite is their Espresso Milkshake which combines a double shot of espresso with ice cream and homemade whipped cream. Now that’s hard to beat!

A Little History

Spill the Beans has been locally owned here in Greenville, SC since 2002! They have been serving delicious coffee and ice cream since before the Liberty bridge was built! The original location was across the street from the current space, into which they moved in 2008.

Owners Abram and Heather Curtis have created a space where everyone is welcome. They want customers to feel comfortable whether they know anything about coffee. A top goal is for every customer to have a positive experience, regardless of the reason for their visit. Abram mentioned they think of themselves as an extension of Falls Park. Each day they see a variety of people visiting Falls Park and have strived to create an environment where all feel welcome in their business as well.


Would you believe me if I told you this all started with a French Press coffee maker? That’s right! When Abram was in college he gave his father a French Press for a Christmas gift. While his father wasn’t as inclined to use the French Press and experiment with it, Abram was. Once his father realized how amazing the coffee was and how much you could create, his entrepreneurial juices started flowing.

So where does the ice cream come into play? About one month before opening, Abram’s 12-year-old sister randomly said that if they were going to have coffee, they should also have ice cream (probably so there was something for her too!)

The unique thing about a coffee and ice cream shop is that the two can stand alone but also complement each other. The Curtis family certainly found a unique way to blend ice cream with fresh ingredients.

Why Greenville?

Abram’s parents were missionaires and therefore moved around during his childhood. His parents moved to Greenville, SC in 1998 when his father accepted a job at Bob Jones University. Upon visiting from college during Christmas break, Abram quickly fell in love with Greenville. After graduating from college, he returned to Indiana where he spent his teen years. In 2008 he came back to Greenville to buy the business from his parents.

Abram felt that Greenville was a “breath of fresh air” back when he first visited. His family has seen so much change in downtown Greenville since the origination of Spill the Beans. He has really loved seeing so many businesses coming together to help grow this great city.

Abram’s mother owns and operates The Ice Cream Show in Chattanooga, TN, which was opened in 2009. Make sure to visit if your travels take you to Chattanooga!

Now there are two Locations!

In April 2018, Abram and Heather opened a second location in Spartanburg, SC, located at 174 East Main Street. This was not a decision they took lightly. Abram and Heather wanted to make sure they had a solid foundation and strong systems in place prior to expanding. They were approached by a developer and really liked the space they were shown. Abram described having the same feeling he had when he moved to the current Greenville location. Not only was it a great fit, but they were excited to be a part of another growing and developing city.

What does the future hold?

Of course Abram and Heather want to continue to grow their business. But they also want to fine tune their operations and make sure they don’t grow too fast. Each day they focus on learning what they need to learn to be a sustainable and consistent business.

More information

Both locations are open Monday-Saturday 6:30am-11:00pm and Sunday 1:30pm-10pm. You can follow Spill the Beans on Instagram and Facebook.

Greenville Location: 531 South Main Street (864) 242-6355

Spartanburg Location: 174 East Main Street (864) 310-4895

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