Small Business Highlight: Time to Taste Catering, Daniel Lopez

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Paella at A Time to Taste Catering

One of our favorite aspects of living and working in Greenville is that this community is full of passionate entrepreneurs. Daniel Lopez, owner of Time to Taste Catering, is one of those people. I have worked with Daniel on his business insurance and he has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. I’m excited to share his story of coming to America and following his dream.

Meet Daniel Lopez

Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Daniel Lopez moved to the United States when he turned 18 looking for a new adventure and to follow his entrepreneurial dreams. He was originally born in the United States, so his dual-citizenship which made it easy to move and easy to stay.

He started his adventure in Milwaukee, where he opened an interpreting business, offering his bilingual skills for government businesses, courts and emergency rooms. This business was a success but he still wasn’t feeling like he was fulfilling his dream, after all his true passion was cooking. “I had been cooking since I was ten. My mom and grandma taught me how to cook and it was such a culture shock the way the people ate food as fuel instead of enjoyment.”

Deciding to make cooking his next adventure, Daniel applied and got accepted to Le Cordon Bleu Paris, but at the time he couldn’t afford it so he moved to South Carolina to work for a few years and save money.

While in Greenville, he began to fall in love with the community. “The lifestyle is different here, the people are more open, there are more parties, it feels a bit more like Spain. I realized however, that when people had parties good catering and quality food were really limited. People talked about flowers, location and dresses, but the food was always forgotten.”

This sparked the idea to start his own catering business that would make the catering experience just as memorable as the event, rather than a delivery service.

Customized Catering

Time to Taste - spreadWhat sets Time to Taste catering apart from other catering companies is their personal and customized approach. They have no menus!

“We meet face-to-face with our customers and want them to tell us about their event, their story, favorite and memorable foods, then we come up with a few different menu ideas and work together to decide on a menu that fits their taste and their budget.”

Once they have a menu put together, they schedule a tasting (which Daniel says is more like a party). The tasting is a chance for the client to make menu changes, or suggestions, and they often encourage the client to bring along a few other friends to join. “It’s open communication. we do everything possible to make that menu perfect for them. ”

Why Greenville?

Just like most people living and working in Greenville, Daniel loves the Greenville area and chose to stay because of the cities good “vibes.” Greenville is a fast-growing city with a lot of change and excitement. People from all over the country are moving here, plus I love the weather. It beats Milwaukie any day of the week.”

For more information about Time to Taste Catering, check out their website or follow their Instagram.