Small Business Highlight- Carolina Internet Autos, LLC, dba The-CIA

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Small Business Highlight- Carolina Internet Autos, LLC, dba The-CIA


Are you in the market to buy a new car? It’s exciting, right? Oh, but wait. You have to go to the dealership and try to avoid the smooth talking sales people. You feel the need to be vague about your budget so you maintain some control (or at least you think you do). Once you get your heart set on a make and model, you find out the only one in inventory in your budget is blue and you were hoping for a white car. Well, after spending hours negotiating at the dealership, the anticipation builds and now you are excited about the car! You take it home only to realize three days later you really wanted a white car and are having regrets about your decision. If only there was another way to buy a car…

There is a better way and it’s even easier than you might think! Paul Chicky and Graham Flynn of Carolina Internet Autos, LLC dba The-CIA, have created a business that allows the customer to be in control and cuts out all the “games” involved in the vehicle buying process. Both Paul and Graham have backgrounds in the corporate world that eventually led to the auto finance division. Their positions allowed them to see the complicated process of buying a vehicle and the nightmare that it can be for consumers. They saw the worry it caused people (“Is this a good deal?”, “Am I getting ripped off?”, “I guess I have to settle on this option.”).  Paul and Graham knew they wanted to build a business that would create the opposite experience for its clients and they did just that with their Vehicle Buying Service.

How it started

In 2013 Carolina Internet Autos, LLC dba The-CIA, was started by Paul and Graham.  They wanted to do things differently and thus created a full vehicle ownership experience for their clients.  It started with them buying fleet cars for companies. Eventually the employees from those companies started asking for their assistance with buying a vehicle for their personal needs. Those same people referred their friends and family. Since they had such great experiences on the purchasing side, the customers wanted to know if they serviced cars. They recently expanded and created a facility to provide full service repair by Larry Grube-ASE Certified Master Technician.

What makes The-CIA different?

First of all, neither Paul nor Graham is a sales person. In their words, “We don’t sell you a car, we help you find a car that has all the specs you want and meets your budget”. They never want you to settle. Most importantly, they want zero regrets. Since 2013 they have a 100% customer satisfaction rate and are a business built by referrals. They live by the motto “under promise and over deliver” and their customers usually get more than they anticipated out of this experience. Their customers are so happy they take the time to write positive reviews on Angie’s List and contact the Better Business Bureau with positive reports. Paul, Graham, and Larry honor honesty and integrity above all!

What is the process?

The most important step of the vehicle buying service is this first one…Once you know you are in the market for a car, call Paul or Graham at The-CIA! You tell them what you are looking for and one of the best parts is that you can talk honestly about money and budget! They have low overhead cost and work on a fixed fee, so it doesn’t matter if you are purchasing a vehicle for $8,000 or $38,000. Either way, 100% customer satisfaction is their goal. Once they know all your specs, they create a query in their database which has access to approximately 400,000 vehicles (the same ones the dealerships have access too). From here they pick the best of the best to meet your budget! They purchase the vehicle, inspect it and detail it. Both Paul and Graham love cars and are extremely detail oriented. They ensure you are getting a great vehicle and will scrutinize it better and harder than anyone else would (even you!). Throughout the entire process, the client is in control. Paul and Graham are there to provide expert advice and to help you make the decision.

Why Greenville?

Graham has been in Greenville since 1992 and Paul returned in 2001. They love that Greenville has the opportunities of a larger city with a small town feel and have no plans to leave! Graham worked downtown for many years and enjoyed witnessing the growth and revitalization of downtown Greenville first hand. They both agree that the upstate is a great place to be.

Have questions? Want to find out more? Visit their website at or call (864) 655-4720.

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Carolina Internet Autos, LLC, dba The-CIA is located at
600 S. Buncombe Rd
Greer, SC 29651