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Let People See

Do you have a business or a product you want to tell everyone about?  Are you looking for a trustworthy team to capture your next big event, business conference, or promotion?  Do you have an idea for a video ad campaign but not the skills required to produce it? Let People See is a video production company right here in Greenville, SC that can do all of that and more!

The team at Let People See uses their creative and technical skills to partner with businesses and organizations to create productions that meet the needs of their clients.  Not only are they great at what they do, they LOVE doing it and that truly shows in their exceptional work.

Their Story

Let People See originated about 6 years ago as Chris Brank Films, by CEO and Founder, you guessed it, Chris Brank.  As his business grew and he had no more people named Chris Brank to hire, the company became Let People See.  Their goal is to let people see the awesome things their clients do.

Originally, Chris used the video broadcasting skills he acquired in college as a hobby.  Right out of college he was a youth pastor and enjoyed making videos for youth groups.  Well, it turns out they were good and many parents started asking him to create videos for their companies.  He was successful with this and eventually hit a point when he realized he wanted to go all in and focus on video production.

Let People See offers a wide variety of video production.  From promotional videos, to tourism and real estate videos, they have the skills and creativity to create what your business or organization needs.  They also offer photography which can be a great add-on to your project.

Why Greenville

Chris and a handful of other employees went to school at North Greenville University.  They stayed in Greenville because they love it here and don’t really see themselves anywhere else.

What Sets Them Apart

Let People See is an employee based production company. “What does that mean”, you might ask.  It means all the producers, editors, photographers, directors, etc. are employees-they do not hire contractors per job.  This creates consistency for their clients-they know the people they will be working with and know the quality of their work.  They work as an extension of your team to make a final product that best suits your needs.

The team at Let People See strongly believes in the power of building relationships with their clients.  In doing so, as the client changes, so can the production campaign.  If the client wants to add or change something in a video or photographic campaign from several years ago, it can be done.

Another quality of Let People See that makes them stand apart from others…they are good at giving creative feedback AND receiving it.  Their goal is to serve their client.  They are willing to listen to what the client has to say in order to create the best product, the best way they can.

Giving Back

Let People See enjoys giving back to the community and non-profit organizations.  They understand that non-profits don’t have corporate sized budgets so the team does their best to provide an awesome product with the available budget, while also giving them a break on the budget when they can.

Their goals for the future?  To continue to grow and grow so they have the capital that will allow them to continue give back to the community.

Fun Facts

What do a living room, an office, and an arcade style video game have in common?  You can find them all in one place when you visit the Let People See office!  Also, the employees truly enjoy each other. You can often find them staying in the office during their lunch break playing board games together or watching reruns of The Office (a show the pretty much all enjoy)!


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Stop by their office (located on N. Main Street in Greenville, SC, directly across from the Hyatt Regency and NOMA Square) to see their creative space or play an arcade game!

241 N. Main Street, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29601

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