Parking Lot Wars!

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parking lot

parking lotSo your parents, guardians, or Barney always taught you to look both ways before you cross the street (insert eye rolling, hand holding conditioned childhood image here!).

But as this idea applies to crossing the street, it most definitely applies to the attention and care that we as motorists must keep in mind as we are driving, and especially when we are in congested parking areas such as malls, parking garages, and grocery stores. Remember these things as you put your car in drive, reverse or park.

Vultures belong in the sky and not in the parking lot

Do mind your manners and do not drive aggressively to fight for a close parking spot, after the third loop around to get a closer parking space.  It would have been much easier just to park further away, get the exercise and avoid a potential accident, or verbal incident. Do not attack or antagonize other motorists as your try to find a “convenient” parking space.

Watch your corners

Be alert and cautious of what other motorists are doing as well as pedestrians. More than likely a pedestrian will feel that he or she has the right away so predict them walking out in front of your vehicle.  And most definitely watch out for children that may have gotten away from their parent’s reach for some reason or another.

Put your phone and eyeliner down

Being distracted while driving is not okay! That one second glance down at your phone, could be an instant collision with a vehicle or human. Wait until you are safely parked to text your friend or finish touching up on your makeup. It can wait!

Use your mirrors

They are on your vehicle for a reason. Constantly check them and anticipate actions of other motorists. I like to call it counting cars, and if you miss where a car went, it’s likely that they zoomed into your blind spot. Continue to be cautious until you get to your destination safely.


If you do perhaps become involved in a collision even if you were being alert, aware, and cautious, remember to do the following:

  • Call law enforcement
  • Exchange insurance information with the other driver as well as contact information. Don’t be shy to ask for an ID. (Beware of drivers who show you their insurance card, but have cancelled policies.)
  • Record what happened
  • Take pictures
  • Talk to your agent about what happened and get the necessary paperwork filed.

Until next time!