Organic Cat Café & Listening Lounge

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Is there a place where music, art, cats and lovers of all three can come together?  YES there is!  Organic Cat Café & Listening Lounge is the only organic cafe/bar/lounge and creative healing cat sanctuary of its kind!  AND it’s right here in Greenville, SC!

The Organic Cat Café & Listening Lounge is a meeting place for all cat, music and art lovers. Enjoy snacks and drinks from their organic cafe or relax with a beer or glass of wine at the bar! Get the “CATxperience” and hang out with over 30 furry friends as you explore and relax in the cat & listening lounge. 

Why Greenville?

Several years ago, owner Jennifer Bronzel discovered Greenville through her job.  She quickly learned that it is one of the fastest growing cities in the US.  Greenville not only has a beautiful walkable downtown area, but purrfect and safe weather conditions too. In 2014, when her research began, there was no cat cafe anywhere in SC.  She aimed to become the first one. Organic Cat Café & Listening Lounge became the 2nd cat cafe in SC, but the first in the upstate! 

Jennifer truly enjoys owning her business and finds it healing to the point she never wants to leave!  She is proud to provide a visionary and healing space for cat lovers and creative minds that serves as a platform for the exchange of culture. 

What sets them apart

Organic Cat Café is an art space where people can discover new music, art, and friends.  They host unique events such as cat yoga, guided meditation and music and art shows.  Looking to take an art class?  OCC even hosts art classes such as painting, pottery, and jewelry making.  If you aren’t interested in any of those great events, just stop by to share your love of cats with other like-minded people!

Jennifer and her team aim to turn everyone into a cat loving human! They are proud of their business values that focus on conservation of animal rights, environmental sustainability, and health.

What’s next?

Come celebrate with Organic Cat Café! OCC’s Main Street Grand Opening + 2nd Anniversary is on November 16th – 17th.  They will show you why cats, music and art mix so well!

Step into Organic Cat Café’s world of cats, coffee, & consciousness today!

Organic Cat Café & Listening Lounge

928 S Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601


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