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Protect your new college grad with the right insurance

College graduation is an exciting time for students and their parents alike.  And, while it’s easy to immerse yourselves in graduation parties and focus on first-job jitters, it’s a time of major transitions and big decisions.  It’s essential to prepare graduates for what comes next.

One area new college graduates need to address is insurance.  At Advisors Insurance Agency, we know insurance can be a confusing topic.  We also know that seemingly small missed details can result in very large losses.  We want to ensure your college graduate is protected before heading out into the real world, so we have compiled the following insurance tips for you  and your new grad.

  • Review your family’s current insurance

    First of all, when considering insurance for your new college grad, start with evaluating the coverage you currently have. Contact your agent to confirm the details of your coverage.

  • Know the law

    Most states require drivers to have auto insurance, and most of those have minimum policy limit requirements. Research the law in your son or daughter’s state, or consult with your agent, to guarantee adequate coverage.

  • Read your lease

    Many apartment, condominium and home rental properties require tenants to maintain a certain level of renter’s insurance, which covers the contents of the home in the event of a robbery, fire, or other loss. Making sure you know the terms of your graduate’s new lease will help to insure them properly.

  • Don’t end up liable

    Any home renter or owner is exposed to liability risk. Speak with your agent about liability insurance to make sure your new grad is protected in the event someone gets injured on his or her property.

  • Don’t gamble! Never go without 

    It’s simple: your son or daughter should always have insurance in place. Be sure to discuss with your agent what types they need.

  • Know your company benefits  

    Many college graduates move straight into the workforce, and most companies have benefits. Study the company’s human resources handbook to learn what benefits are available, when they go into effect, and what their limitations are.

We at Advisors Insurance Agency congratulate you on the graduation of your daughter or son!  Please contact us with any questions, or to request a review of your family’s insurance portfolio.


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