Have you met…?

Kathryn PaviaAdvisors

 Have you met…Andrew?

That’s right-Andrew Harmon started his working career early, at the age of just 10 years old.  One summer he worked at The Beacon in Spartanburg where he bussed tables, filled salt and pepper shakers, took out the trash, etc.

Needless to say, Andrew didn’t jump right into the insurance industry from there.  He has many memorable work experiences from high school and college.  (Next time you see him ask him to share a story or two…he has several good ones!) It was writing a resume in college that lead him to an internship with an insurance office that made him realize he liked the agent side of insurance.

Now, about those instruments… Andrew plays the guitar (since high school) and clarinet.  He is currently learning to play the saxophone!  He prefers “big band”, classical, and orchestra music, but is excited to master the saxophone for all the musical possibilities that will open up!


Wait, what??

Of all his most memorable travel destinations (Boston, New York, New Orleans, Key West, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, Redwoods, Las Vegas), Andrew had an unforgettable experience to share from a trip to Chicago.  He and  his wife Leslie traveled there to run the Chicago marathon in 2006.  Upon returning to the spot where his car was parked, Andrew found broken glass and no car.  As you can imagine, he was upset (out of town and his car was stolen).  Well don’t fret just yet. While he was on the phone dealing with the situation with the police, Leslie came around the corner from another side street where she found their car!  Yup, they were just looking in the wrong spot!

In the Beginning

Andrew has seen many changes during his 5 years at Advisors Insurance Agency.  In the beginning, he started working from home (most often out of Miles’ home) when it was the just the two of them.  Currently Advisors Insurance Agency operates out of their office on Garlington Road, the second commercial space Andrew has been a part of.  The two person team from the beginning has grown to an 11-employee organization!

Andrew is a proud Clemson graduate and loves all things Tigers!  In fact, Andrew met his wife Leslie in college playing intramural co-ed flag football!  They have been married for 8 years.  Leslie and Andrew Harmon are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters, ages 3 and 5.

When Andrew isn’t rooting for Clemson, he is cheering on the Carolina Panthers and the Atlanta Braves. You can sometimes find him hunting or shooting skeet!