Have you met…?

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Have you met…Miles?

As most of you probably know, Miles Merwin is the entrepreneur behind Advisors Insurance Agency and serves as the Principal Advisor.  Today you may find out a few things you did not know about him!

Miles Merwin was born in San Bernardino, CA where his father served in the Air Force.  By way of Summerville, SC, they arrived in Taylors, SC in 1998.  As a teenager, Miles worked at Taco Casa!  Over the next several years his work experience included serving tables, bartending, auto shop service, furniture delivery, business supply sales and several others.

At age 25, Miles’s desire to leave the restaurant industry and work normal hours urged him to enter the insurance industry.  He was encouraged to leave his resume with HR at a local State Farm Agency.  Upon arrival at this office, he discovered a unique connection.  Back in 1999, he had been on a mission trip to Romania with an employee of the agency.  Shortly thereafter he accepted a sales position.

A New Venture

Four years later, with the support of his new wife, financial support from a silent partner, and the encouragement from his Father-in-Law (also a small business owner), Miles took the leap to open his own agency from scratch.  Today that agency is a thriving business with 11 team members.

If you visited Mellow Mushroom in Greenville, SC prior to the opening of Advisors Insurance Agency, you may have had an encounter with Miles and not known it!  Back then he had long hair, usually covered up with a hat, and often wore frayed shorts/jeans with a worn-out t-shirt.  To quote Miles “I have no clue how my wife saw potential.  Must have been God because it wasn’t my good looks.”

Words of Wisdom

When I asked Miles about the best piece of advice he received and from whom, he responded with three.  One was from his Father-in-Law and another from Johnny Hall and one from Frank H. Knight, which is the one I am going to share.  “Entrepreneurship is about taking risk. The behavior of the entrepreneur reflects a kind of person willing to put his or her career and financial security on the line and take risks in the name of an idea, spending much time as well as capital on an uncertain venture.”

Next time you see Miles, ask him to tell you about his kayak purchasing adventure!

Miles currently resides in Greer, SC with his wife Abby and their two children Blythe and Abram.