Have you met…?

Kathryn PaviaAdvisors

Have you met…David?

What do Star Wars, Legos, and Conan O’Brien have in common?  Our very own David Hanor is a big fan of all 3!  After graduating from Furman with a degree in Physics (yes, I said Physics!) David realized he was much better working with and helping people than he was at Calculus.  His campus pastor connected him to an insurance agency where he was hurled into the world of insurance.  A few years later he landed at Advisors Insurance Agency and has been part of our team for 3 years!

Now, where do Star Wars, Legos, and Conan O’Brien fit into this?  Well, as a child David Hanor loved using his imagination when building with Legos, particularly spaceships and forts.  Last year, he rekindled this hobby with Star Wars Lego sets.  Today, David enjoys recreating Star Wars scenes and spaceships from the movies!


When getting to know the Advisors Insurance Agency team members for these blogs, I ask about the best piece of advice they have ever received as an insight into their motivation.  This is where Conan comes in!  From David, I learned that several years ago after Conan took over for Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, Jay decided to come out of retirement and take the show back effectively firing Conan. Conan had every right to be upset and angry but in his last night on NBC, he gave an incredible farewell speech. In his speech he reminded the audience to WORK HARD AND BE KIND. “If you do that, amazing things will happen”, Conan says.  David stated, “in every career there are good days and bad days, but I try to remember Conan’s speech to work hard and be kind.”  Here’s the link to the video; it’s good!  Thanks for sharing David!

Work/Life Balance

David finds plenty to occupy him outside of work.  He and his wife Anna love to travel and help with their church youth group.  Their favorite trips last year were to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip and to Disney World for a youth conference as chaperones. This year they head to Chicago with the youth group to help some of the inner-city churches in their outreach ministry. David shared another quote, this one from a podcast interview with the former Netflix HR Director Patty McCord, that inspires him: “People who work all the time—they’re weird. You really don’t want someone who spends their whole life at work.”

You might also find David running a marathon, learning how to improve and grow in the business world, or enjoying good time with friends and family-preferably outside!