Happy 5th Anniversary to Advisors Insurance Agency!

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Five years ago today a man left his full time, benefit paying job with a 6 month old baby and a stay at home wife for a dream.  That man was Miles Merwin and that dream was Advisors Insurance Agency, LLC.


On March 15, 2012 Advisors Insurance Agency had 0 clients, 0 revenue, 1 laptop, 1 cell phone, some space upstairs in a spare bedroom serving as an office, and a whole lot of hope. Thanks to the staff that came on board in those early days and to the first clients who believed in Miles, Advisors Insurance Agency is a thriving, growing business in the upstate of SC. Today Advisors Insurance Agency has a staff of 9 and over 5,000 active policies!

So much of our success is due to our referring partners and loyal clients.  We would like to extend many thanks to all of you (You know who you are!).

The mission of Advisors Insurance Agency is to remain committed to providing our clients with trusted advice in an overwhelming insurance market. We strive to transfer risk from our clients to high quality insurance carriers at a cost that meets your budget and takes care of your needs at the same time.  Advisors Insurance Agency offers policies for home, business, auto, health, and life insurance.

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