What’s Hail Valley Got to Do with Me?

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hail damage

Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming are labeled hail valley due to the large amount of hail storms per year averaging between seven to nine.

Summer is right around the corner and as there are many sunshine-on-your-shoulder days, there is a potential for wet and stormy days as well, and even those storms that produce copious amounts of hail throughout the state. Let’s look at some ways to identify hail damage after the storms hit.

hail damage

How to check for hail damage after a storm:

-Look for dents, cracks, breaks in windows and doors for both home and auto

-Check outdoor home appliance such as AC units for damages

-Check the roof for damage by trees and shrubs hit by the storm

What to do after checking for hail storm damage:

-Take pictures prior to repair

-Contact your local agent for recommendations of a contractor to fix repairs if you do not know of anyone

-Keep receipts for claims purposes

-Always ask questions to understand you coverages and steps of action

If you’re still unsure of what to do, don’t hesitate to contact us at (844) 272-0525.