Greenville Small Business Highlight: Poinsett Tire Pros

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I met James Duffield, owner of Poinsett Tire Pros, about 2 years ago when we started working together on his auto repair garage liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverages.

Since then, I have seen how hard he works to provide superior car service to Greenville and keeps his strong work ethic and customer service a priority. I am happy to feature Poinsett Tire Pros as this month’s small business highlight.

Meet Poinsett Tire Pros

Poinsett Tire Pros is owned by James Duffield. He has lived in Greenville with his family for the past 8 years and immediately fell in love with the area. “The downtown is close by and we are near the mountains, the beach and basically everything we want to do,” he shared.

After working for the corporate tire company Goodyear for five years, James and his family decided he wanted a job that would allow him to settle down and plant his roots in one spot. They leased Poinsett Tire Pros for three years and then made the decision to purchase the business from a family friend, and have kept it a locally owned and operated Greenville business. “I’m here more than I am at home” James points out, which just goes to show how much he cares about providing his clients with the best service in town.

Customer Service and Competitive Pricing

Poinsett Tire always focuses on making their customers feel at home–even their waiting room has a massage chair! “We make the customer number one, it’s key to maintaining our family-friendly atmosphere and we always take care of every car just like it’s our own,” James described.

Poinsett Tires provides auto services for all makes and models of vehicles, including routine maintenance, servicing on tire pressure, engines, lights, brakes, tire repairs and (of course) they sell tires. James says that they are always working to offer competitive prices and beat the prices offered by big box stores. “Just because you find it at the big box store doesn’t mean you’re going to get the best deal.” Poinsett Tire Pros works to keep their prices competitive, and prides themselves on being a local resource for the local Greenville community.

Keeping it Simple

Poinsett Tire Pros runs on providing the best customer service of any other tire shop in town and keeping business simple. It’s been a pleasure working with them these past few years and I know that anyone who has brought their car into their shop can say the same. Plus, a massage chair in the waiting room? That’s a business I’m happy to share!

To learn more about Poinsett Tire Pros visit their website or give them a call at 864-232-4659.