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Ember Outfitters

It seems like every other week there is an article about how Greenville, SC is growing and becoming a top tourist spot.  With this growth comes new restaurants, breweries, and shops opening up all around town.  And most of these seem to be small business owned by members of our very own community!  Ember Outfitters, located in the West Village of Greenville, is a great example of one of the new small businesses in town.

Cally Mauk has been in the apparel business since graduating with her Fashion Design degree.  Prior to opening Ember Outfitters, she had experience in all sides of the apparel business except for one-owning her own business.  When this beautiful location became available in the West Village, the timing was right and she jumped on the opportunity.

What sets them apart

Her goal is to bring variety to Greenville, not competition.  Of the brands they carry, only a few are currently sold in the area.  Ember Outfitters provides a stress-free shopping experience.  Wait, shopping can be stress free?  That’s right!  This family owned business wants you to shop happy.  You often hear how frustrating a visit to the mall can be.  Cally and her team want to make sure you have a fun, happy, inviting experience.  Who wouldn’t want snacks and drinks while they shop?

Why Greenville?

Cally attended North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC.  So what got her to Greenville?  Well, her sister had lived here so she had some connections.  Upon moving here, she fell in love with the area.  It also helps that she met her husband who is native to Greenville!

Not only did Cally love what Greenville had to offer, she loved the growth potential the city had, particularly in the West Village.  She feels fortunate to be on the front end of this growth.

A different experience

The team at Ember Outfitters is here to help you shop, have fun while you do it, and bring some unique brands to the Upstate.  Additionally, the shop features the work of some local artists.  Cally is excited to bring these small boutique brands and local artists the opportunity to thrive.

All of the brands carried in the store have an interesting back-story.  Many of them give back to the environment in some way, so by shopping here you are giving back as well!

If you haven’t been to Ember Outfitters yet, now is the perfect time!  Head on over to complete your holiday shopping-you won’t regret it!  You can find them in the Village of West Greenville at 11 Lois Ave.

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