Christmas Tree Safety this Holiday Season

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O Christmas Tree

Christmas is just around the corner and if you have not yet set up your Christmas tree and decorations, I will pause so that you can go and do that…Moving right along, here are a few tips to help keep your beautiful Fraser Fir, house, and you safe during the holiday merriment.

Ahh Fresh!

If you see brown dull needles on the tree it may be susceptible to fire. Try bending the needles of the tree and make sure they do not break easily. If the needle does not break easily then you have yourself a pretty fresh tree.

Thirsty Tree

I water Sally (the office plant) every week, and you should water your Christmas Tree daily or as needed! A real tree needs water to stay hydrated so that it can complement your beautiful ornaments and lights.

Steer Clear

Keep your tree FAR AWAY from fireplaces, heaters, radiators, pyromaniacs and of course the candles that you purchased on Black Friday on sale with the three for three bargain!

Cords and Lights

Those lights adorning your tree are beautiful, but make sure they are not just in fair condition, but excellent condition. That means no internal wires showing or wear and tear. These oversights can cause your Christmas tree to be well lit with fire!

Be Careful

Not only do we at Advisors Insurance Agency want your house and tree to be safe from fire, we also want to make sure you are safe from any decorating mishaps.  Make sure that you or your loved one putting up the tree is careful with stringing lights, regardless of how many they may or may not have successful attached to the roof and Adirondack chair on the porch. Do not play the balancing act on a chair arm, trip over the lights, and tumble down with the tree into the fireplace thus creating a scenario that one only imagines in a movie.  You don’t want to make that a reality!  Watch your step, take your time, and keep the floor free of cords or other tripping hazards.

From all of us at Advisors Insurance Agency, have a safe and happy holiday season!  In the event an incident does occur, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Advisors Insurance Agency to see how we may be able to help.