#1 Home Claim this Year is?

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Water damage claims come in all forms and always create a heck of a mess. The number one claim our clients have faced this year is water damage.  Unlike our cars our homes do not have a maintenance needed light that pops up on a dashboard.

Here are few real examples and claim amounts:

  • Toilet overflowing
    • Toilet backed up and overflowed. Water damage to the bathroom and bedroom.  Have ripped up the carpet and a company on the way to start repairs.  $18,236 claim
  • Pipe Bursting
    • Insured called to report water damage to the basement of the home from a water pipe possibly doing damage to the drywall in the basement and flooring- possible seepage of the foundation, insured has discovered mold     $6,287 claim
  • Window Leaking
    • Interior water damage from around window  $30,872 claim
  • Kitchen Water Supply line
    • While homeowner was out of town neighbor noticed water coming out of the garage.  They accessed the home to find a pipe under the kitchen sink had leaked    $90,000 Claim
  • Appliance
    • Ice maker in refrigerator leaked and damaged flooring  $13,295 Claim


As you can see from above water damage can create some huge claims.  Take a moment to create a maintenance plan for your home.  Here is a list of suggestions:

  • Check / replace the seals on your toilets
  • Replace old toilets
  • Check and update old supply lines in kitchen and baths
  • Check and update hot/cold water shut off valves
  • Check supply lines and dryer vent for your washing machine/ Dryer
  • Caulk your windows and door ways 1x per year
  • update insulation on exposed pipes
  • Caulk and maintain bathtub & showers in bathrooms


Take some time to maintain your home and your home will take care of you!